Meet the Kili Arts Team

Meet the Kili Arts Team

Jagdeep started his career in 2001 working for the UK government before deciding to focus on his photography business with business partner Gurwinder in a highly competitive industry.

In 2014, Jagdeep purchased his first large format printer to support their photography clients. Jagdeep went on to support local photographers and artists before expanding the printing business and purchasing another large format printer which allowed Kili Arts to print the premium print ChromaLuxe HD Metal range.

Today Jagdeep manages Kili Arts, Kili Wares, ChromaLuxe Printer and UV Prints Ltd, supporting and consulting a range of business that are expanding and growing within the creatives industry.

As Finance Controller, Vivien works closely with our managing directors, senior executives and non-executives. She provides accounting expertise to optimise the company’s financial performance and its strategic position.

Vivien contributes to the development of company strategy across all areas of our business, challenging assumptions and decision-making as appropriate and providing financial analysis and guidance on all activities, plans, targets and business drivers.

Vivien also ensures that Kili Arts’ financial systems are robust and compliant and can support our current activities and future growth. She possesses a high level of credibility and manages a strong working relationship with external parties including our customers and advisors.

Kili Arts is a company that hires print production assistants to increase their efficiency and productivity. One of these people, Aneta joined the team in May 2021. Since then she has been responsible for encouraging others’ work ethic, ensuring safety guidelines are met/exceeded, as well as having an eye for detail with quality control.

Harmeet is our new recruit in 2021, a young apprentice who has had a passion for both photography, videography and print. He is a keen learner who wants to be a master in a very competitive industry and lead his own successful company one day.

We will keep you all updated on our social media platform with all the inspiring work Harmeet creates.

Jeff is the team captain of Kili Arts’ marketing department with over 50 years of experience. He’s witnessed how traditional forms have been replaced by digital ones as technology continues to advance and change.