We bring your art to life!

A Brief Journey of Kili Arts

Timeline – 2015 to Present Day

Here at Kili Arts, we want to be excellent at what we do and that’s what makes a brand. We don’t just want to do prints, we want to inspire those that come to us.

2015 –  We helped five photographers increase their sales.

2016 – We helped nine photographers achieve their goals by taking courage in competing against the best.

2017 – we helped 25 artists believe that they can sell their art…and by doing so, they sold their art!

2018 – We took the courage, believing in ourselves and helped over 30 photographers, artists and those in the wedding industry make more money through our excellent print service.

2019 – Who will we help? Be a part of our journey and give us a call on 01753 542 319.

Last year we printed over 2000 metal/wood images. This year we will triple this number.

This year we know we will be printing a lot of Metal Prints; Wood Prints; Fine Art Prints; Event Decor and Fine Art Signage. Be the first to have your signage printed on our ChromaLuxe EXT.

Event Decor/Metal Prints/Canvas/Large Format/Wide Format/Fine Art