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What is Giclée printing, AKA Fine Art Prints and what does it mean?

Giclée (g-clay), is a digital printing process to produce high-quality fine art prints with longer lifespans. In which an ink-jet printer is used. By ink-jet printer we do not mean your standard desktop inkjet printer, however a Giclée inkjet printer.

The word derives from the French word ‘la giclée’, meaning ‘that which is sprayed’, which is how the inkjet printer works.

So what makes Giclee different to standard prints?

First of all, the paper or substrate used for printing. Giclee is printed on archival paper so over time the print will not discolour and have a yellow tinge. As it is acid free and 100% cotton or rag base. You can always ask us which paper we use as we would be more than happy to confirm this with you.

Last but not least, the true difference is in the type of ink and printer used.
Giclee are printed using pigment-based ink as opposed to dye-based found in your standard inkjet printer. I hear you ask why does that make a difference? Well, your print will have an increased lifespan and can last 100 plus years without fading. This is providing it is cared for appropriately by the owner.

Now moving on to the printer. This will be larger format printer and can hold up to 8-12 ink cartridges, giving a more sophisticated range of colours for the final product.

So now you know, why not have some prints done.

Who prints fine art images?

First and foremost, ARTISTS, who want to reproduce their work for resale. It doesn’t stop there though, photographers also print fine art images and so do those that just appreciate art.

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