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Fine Art Printing with ChromaLuxe and Giclee 

Fine art printing- all you need to know

Technology has revolutionised art as a recreational activity and hobby like never before; previously, artists and photographers could only create and sell a piece of art once without a replica to either appreciate or resell to another enthusiast. Fortunately, the advent of Giclee, also known as Fine Art Printing, made it possible for these skilled individuals to create and duplicate their work, keep the original and sell the copies with no drop in quality. This brief article aims to provide more information about the workings of this technique, why ChromaLuxe is the best option for image reproduction, and why it is worthwhile for every artist and photographer.


What is Fine Art Printing?

The idea of reproducing an image seems familiar as one can scan or photocopy the artwork on conventional machines. Unfortunately, most of these machines do not produce high-quality results with almost the same worth as the original.

To produce a Giclee Fine Art print, the camera or scanner used to capture the art must be able to do so at the highest level of resolution. The image file of an art print needs to be a minimum of 300 DPI or “dots per inch,” as this enables more dots of colour to be printed per inch or small area, producing a more detailed and sharp image. When it comes to art it is best to have this photographed by a professional who specialises in art reproduction.

This massive image quality is possible via archival quality paper, pigment-based inks, and a wide-format inkjet printer.

Giclee Fine Art Printing Benefits

What is the difference between ChromaLuxe and Giclee and a regular print?

Giclee presents a plethora of benefits, especially to artists who struggle with shipping massive paintings to clients. With the technique, they can drop the size without destroying the original piece and deliver it to the client for approval. Besides this customisation, fine art printing presents benefits that include:

● Unlimited supply of specific contents due to replication
● Ease in archiving best jobs
● The print never deteriorates with time
● Ideal for building an artist portfolio

Besides being a valuable asset for photographers and painters, digital artists can upscale their businesses by including Giclee products. While this set of artists are a growing industry, having a digital painting on the wall provides the same aesthetically pleasing feeling as a regular
hand-painted piece.
Besides saving the digital image on their phones or PC, enthusiasts can have a stunning physical copy of the drawing and mount it on their wall, shelf, or table.

What is ChromaLuxe technology?

ChromaLuxe is a leading international brand that specialises in manufacturing visually appealing prints with sophisticated machinery. Their global reputation is predicated on the colour brilliance of their images alongside the unbeatable durability and archival qualities, which makes them the best option for enthusiast artists and photographers.

ChromaLuxe Mediums

ChromaLuxe technology

The medium is what receives the painting, like a picture being printed on a canvas or banner.
However, the longevity of the image mostly depends on the type of material. Fortunately,
ChromaLuxe offers three ways to display your creation to your audience.

1. High-Definition Metal Prints

Take your craft to the next level by dazzling your audience with artworks that appear on ChromaLuxe High Definition Metal Prints. The stunning look of pictures on this medium is sufficient to compel and possibly repeat patronage.
ChromaLuxe achieves this impressive look by filling the coated metal prints with dye, resulting in a crystal clear image packed with details and high resolution. The end product will look directly similar to the original, with additional durability and resistance to the elements.

2. Wood Prints

If the idea of a metal medium for your exceptional artwork seems too extreme for you and you would like a more traditional option, consider trying ChromaLuxe wood print. It’s worth noting that the wood prints are gotten solely from the dedicated location for growing wood, reducing other negative impacts on the planet.
These pieces of wood are then processed and transformed into prints that are coated with a white gloss finish. Once ready, the medium is infused with dye into the wood’s coating to create the desired, high-quality image with colours and impressive resolution.
You can also opt to use different wood for your print, like maple veneer, which is ideal for the task as it possesses a clear coating that’s suitable for holding high-quality images.

3. Table Tops

Suppose a wealthy individual or organisation desires your artwork on specific furniture;
in that case, ChromaLuxe Table Tops possess the service where high-quality images can be transferred to furniture.
This customisation blesses the furniture with a high visual appeal, an extra glossy surface, and increased durability. Note that tabletops by ChromaLuxe are coated with Semi-Gloss white coating, enabling the surface to be invulnerable to scratches, moisture, and stains.
Suppose the contract to make customised tables with your art involves you delivering the tables. In that case, ChromaLuxe can handle the task by creating the table, carving it to the desired shape, and infusing the image onto the medium’s surface.

Note that having a professional facility dedicated to producing high-quality prints of your work is vital; that’s why ChromaLuxe is the best option for dedicated photographers and artists. The image never scratches, fade, or corrodes.

Is a giclee print better?

While the price to make a fine art print depends on the manufacturer and image, it’s undeniable that it’s a more impressive way to showcase your work and impress clients. ChromaLuxe and Giclee prints have a higher resolution than traditional prints, meaning that they will be sharper and more detailed.

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Are ChromaLuxe and Giclee Worth it?

Why is ChromaLuxe Worthwhile?

As expected of one of the world’s leading printers, ChromaLuxe allows professionals to showcase their artwork or photographs in ways that’ll capture your audience’s attention thanks to their superior medium.

In addition to these exceptional mediums, ChromaLuxe prints undeniably stunning images that last for generations using sophisticated machinery to infuse the artwork into the material’s coating. This process protects the painting from chemicals, scratches, and other elements that damage conventional photos.